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High Power IR Emitter Diode

Opto Diode announces the first in a new series of super high-power gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared (IR) emitters, the OD-110L. The new device features ultra high optical output with a very narrow optical beam, making it ideal for night vision (NV) and other military imaging applications.

The OD-110L is housed in a standard 3-lead, hermetically-sealed TO-39 package to accommodate the small-size (0.026 in. x 0.026 in.) chip. There are four wire bonds on die corners and all surfaces are gold-plated for added durability. Typically, the total power output (at 25 degrees C) is 110mW and the minimum output is 55mW with peak emission wavelength at 850 nm.

The absolute maximum rating at 25 degrees C (case) for power dissipation is 1000mW, with a continuous-forward-current rating at 500mW. The OD-110L lead-soldering temperature (1/16 in. from the case for 10 seconds) is 260 degrees C. Storage and operating temperatures range from -40 degrees C to 100 degrees C, making these devices suitable for harsh environments and for integration into illuminators and markers, and systems utilizing NV goggles and cameras.

Opto Diode Corporation
Part Number: OD-110L

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