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HB LED Driver Slashes LCD backlighting Cost

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX16814, a highly integrated four-string HB (high-brightness) LED driver capable of delivering up to 150mA per string. This device packs in all the features necessary to implement a high-performance backlight driver for LCD TVs, monitors, and automotive displays. Through this integration, the MAX16814 gives designers a cost-effective solution that greatly simplifies their lighting designs while offering unmatched performance.

The MAX16814 integrates a switching dc-dc controller to generate the voltage required to drive multiple strings of LEDs. It also features four linear current sinks with internal power MOSFETs to provide programmable current up to 150mA per string. An adaptive output-voltage control scheme optimizes efficiency and minimizes power dissipation in the LED current-sink paths. This architecture eliminates the need for multiple external components, thus saving space and easing design in space-constrained applications.

The MAX16814 is ideal for backlighting LCD TVs, desktop monitors, automotive displays and instrument clusters, and industrial displays. It is also well suited for automotive front lights and low-/high-beam assemblies, as well as other SSL (solid-state lighting) applications.

Applications that are exposed to changing ambient-light conditions require a wide dimming range. These applications must be able to accommodate lighting conditions that vary from intense sunlight to complete darkness to ensure optimal visibility throughout the day. This capability is even more important when the application is life critical, as is the case in automotive, industrial, and medical systems.

The MAX16814 employs a unique, patent-pending technique to deliver an extremely wide PWM dimming range of 5000:1 with a 200Hz dimming frequency. It thus allows optimizing display performance in all lighting environments.

The MAX16814 allows users to program the switching frequency from 200kHz to 2MHz, thus enabling operation above the AM radio band. In addition, its oscillator-synchronization feature minimizes EMI noise when multiple MAX16814s are used in the same module. The device thereby reduces the number, size, and cost of EMI filter components required in the application.

The MAX16814 is fully specified over the -40°C to +125° C automotive temperature range, and its wide input-voltage range (4.75V to 40V) allows it to withstand 40V load dumps. The device is available in thermally enhanced, 4mm x 4mm, 32-pin TQFN and 20-pin TSSOP packages. Prices start at $1.39 (1000-up, FOB USA).

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