Power Electronics

Halogen-Like Dimming From a Single LED Emitter Module

LED Engin, Inc. demonstrated the world's first single LED emitter capable of halogen-like dimming. Using a single emitter and constant current source, together with standard 0 -10V dimmers, the color temperature of the light will get warmer as it dims. The LED emitter changes from 3200K at maximum output to a warm 2400K glow when fully dimmed. This halogen-like dimming is particularly useful in hotels, restaurants and bars, where the technology can deliver the right ambience for levels of brightness.

For directional lighting, LED Engin will show how a combination of total internal reflection (TIR) lenses and compact emitters can double the lux-on-target compared with similarly rated traditional LED sources with reflectors. The emitters are powerful enough to provide the necessary lumens and small enough to be enveloped within a TIR lens that guides virtually all of the radiated light toward the target. The resulting beam features a smooth profile towards its center. The emitter-lens combination also cuts glare by 80%, compared with conventional modules that utilize array or chip-on-board emitters.

LED Engin's latest multi-color (RGBW) emitters achieve superior in-source color mixing, particularly in narrow-spot beams of less than 10°. Recently introduced 8° and 15°lenses, combined with LuxiGen multi-color emitters, open up new applications within the stage and studio and architectural markets where high intensity, focused, colored light for distance lighting is required. In combination with secondary optics, these emitters deliver dynamic color entertainment with sufficient "throw" and precision control, without compromising lux-on-target.

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