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Five Feet Long T8 LED Tube Light

FZLED adds a new model to their line of T8 LED Tube Lights. The new model gives consumers a five feet long (150cm), 28 watt, high-performance LED tube light that is a direct replacement for traditional T8 tubes and fits standard G13 sockets with an AC voltage range of 100-240V. This new release gives FZLED customers the option of five feet long tube lights as well as two feet and four feet models. FZLED continues to successfully build on their commitment to providing consumers with many options to meet various lighting needs and offering products that are innovative and environmentally-friendly.

These T8 LED Tube Lights use 28 watts of power and have a luminous flux (lm) of as much as 2400. Consumers can choose models that have bright 6000K CCT, softer 4000K CCT, or softest 3000K CCT. With high power-conversion ratios, replacing traditional T8 tubes with FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights can provide over fifty-percent in energy savings. Emitting no harmful UV or IR rays, using no mercury, and with significantly reduced CO2 emissions, compared to traditional T8 tubes, FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights are eco-friendly and a lighting solution that users can feel good about.

Requiring no starters and with no need to remove traditional ballasts the FZLED T8 Tube Lights can be used by consumers immediately, without complicated installations. With lifetimes of at least 35,000 hours these high-quality LED lighting products are excellent for indoor, architectural, flood, and mood lighting.


  • Energy Saving
  • No heat, No UV, or IR light radiation
  • Light source: SMD LED
  • Ra > 70 for cool white
  • Long lifetime > 35,000 hours\
  • G13 socket compatible
  • High power driver efficiency > 80%
  • Starter Free
  • No need to remove traditional ballasts
  • CE and FCC Approved
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