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Power Electronics

Compact LED Drivers

GlacialPower announces compact LED drivers with high power efficiency: GP-LS50PH-142C, GP-LS70PH-100C, GP-LS100PH-142C and GP-LS100PH-71C.

With the compact dimensions of 177 x 57 x 37mm (LxWxH), these four LED drivers make LED lighting installations even easier compared to bulkier drivers. Even while being small, this series has a high power conversion efficiency rate of 91% ensuring low power consumption.

These four fully integrated AC/DC LED driver micro-modules incorporate the active PFC circuitry to deliver up to 99.4W of power to the LED with a high power factor. With the current trend for higher output voltage requirements, due to more and more applications using LEDs in a series, this series provides output voltage up to 142V DC.


  • Universal AC input 90 ~ 305V AC
  • Efficiency up to 91%
  • High Output voltage " Constant current operation
  • Built in Active PFC function
  • Protection: OVP/ STP/ OTP
  • IP67 Design
  • Suitable for LED stripe
  • Cooling by fresh Air confection
  • Compact Size
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