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18 Watt GL-DL08 LED Downlight

GlacialLight, expanded its Capella Series of LED products with the new GL DL08 LED Downlight. This highperformance 8-inch 18 Watt LED downlight is an all in one bulb and fixture for ease of installation.

Just wire the GL DL08 into an 8-inch hole in a ceiling, and fill indoor spaces with 120 degrees of light of up to 1200 lumens. This high-brightness lighting solution's slim, sleek, and fashionable circular design make it perfect for use in malls, supermarkets, showrooms, offices, hallways and all other indoor applications. With a CRI of up to 75, it is also a perfect choice for residential lighting.

These LED downlights accept a wide range of power sources, from AC 100V up to 240V. Users can choose from models with color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K, which provide 830, 950, and 1200 lumens of light respectively. With lifespan rated at a long 30,000 hours, GlacialLight's Capella Series Downlights outlast the competition and bring years of functional, highquality, well-designed light to users. They are a fashionable choice for commercial and residential lighting applications. As well as the currently available 8-inch and 6-inch diameter LED Downlights available in the Capella Series, GlacialLight plans to offer 4-inch and 10-inch sizes in future.

With environmental protection in mind, GlacialLight has designed the Capella Series GLDL08 LED Downlight to be RoHS compliant. Furthermore, these downlights contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, and do not emit harmful UV or IR rays, making them more ecoâ€friendly than traditional lighting fixtures. In addition, power conversion efficiency is greater than 80%, helping to reduce energy costs.

Part Number: GL DL08

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