Where to find the biggest LED screen in Europe

In Turkey's Ankara Arena. That's where Euro Display recently installed 400 m2 of LED displays. The installation was to better handle the FIBA World Championship and included four indoor screens, four indoor banners, and one outdoor screen, all comprised of LEDs. The four indoor screens are configured together as a diamond. These screens, along with the outdoor screen, had to be able to broadcast the same image simultaneously, which proved to be tricky, says Euro Display.

The firm used one of its Professional Video Scaler units to display live images and pre-edited content from several video-sources. The LED banners are simultaneously controlled by Euro Display' Control PC and Software and can display the same image/video as well as different videos as needed.

All LED screens are connected to the control rooms with more than one kilometer of fiber cables to allow real-time management of the content displayed.

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