What it now takes to get EnergyStar label for luminaires

The U.S. EPA recently came out with the final draft for its EnergyStar specs that apply to luminaires. The comment period ended on January 14 and the final V1.0 spec should be out by the end of the month.

Besides dictating that luminaire makers get test results from independent labs to prove they meet the spec, the final document also introduces a few changes in the technical requirements. Among them, that solid state luminaires consuming 5 W or less only need display a power factor of at least 0.5. The spec also eliminates the requirement for replaceable ballasts in some solid-state luminaires where the luminaire is just too small for replacement to be practical. It also eliminates a depth-of-modulation requirement that was originally meant to prevent to possibility of flicker.

The final draft can be viewed here:

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