The upgradeable LED luminaire

Although LED advances are taking place rapidly, the so-called “integrated” systems used today make replacements difficult. For example, these systems require mechanical fasteners to transfer the heat that’s produced and a plug to make the electrical connection. However, a new GE system makes the required connections with a simple twist of a new module that fits into a socket. And critical components of the LED system sit within the module, so the entire fixture does not need to be replaced.

The puck-shaped LED module gives lighting designers and end-users the ability to easily upgrade LED lighting as technology advances. The new module installs with a clockwise twist motion, in contrast with current integrated LED luminaires and LED modules that require mechanical fasteners to couple the LED package to a heat sink, and a plug to make the electrical connection. The GE device makes the necessary thermal and electrical connections with a simple twist of the module into its socket.

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