Swan song for UV flourescent lights?

Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs are already finding use in applications ranging from counterfeit currency detection and fingerprint identification to use in leak detectors. But LED maker Bivar says it is seeing a marked increase in the adoption of its UV LED products for applications that until recently relied upon fluorescent UV lights.

Bivar says its UV LED series is starting to get traction in a lot of medical applications: phototherapies for the skin, dental devices, hand-held medical devices, and imaging, to name a few. Bivar points to the small size, more focused beam of light, longer life cycle, and durability as key features driving the adoption of UV LEDs.

Could the handwriting be on the wall for flourescent UV lamps? According to Yole Development Research Group, UV LEDs are challenging the traditional UV lamp technology and making headway thanks to the compactness, lower cost of ownership and environment-friendly composition of LEDs. The research firm anticipates that UV LEDs will continue to replace traditional lamps and open doors to new applications, especially portable ones. By 2015, the firm estimates the UV LED market will reach $250 million.

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