Solderless sockets for 1,500-lm LEDs

Tyco Electronics has launched the Solderless LED Socket, Type CM, for easy integration of the new Cree XLamp MP-L multichip LED into light fixtures. The socket offers a simple termination metod for the LED while allowing ample optical clearance for the provided 120-degree beam angle. An additional benefit of the socket is the snap-on connect feature for the LEDIL Tyra series of reflectors, which offers directional optics in 18, 30 and 50 degree beam angles.

The Solderless LED Socket provides a rapid termination solution for the XLamp MP-L LED’s six 0.60 mm2 connection pads that are mounted on the top of the LED. Tyco Electronics’ low-profile socket eliminates the need to solder by providing a solderless solution that reduces assembly time while providing a repeatable and separable termination. In addition, the socket is conveniently offered in two versions to suit wire or board applications -- each version is offered with or without attachment features for optics.

The wire termination version incorporates a Tyco Electronics AMP mini CT connector header that mates to a cable mounted AMP mini CT plug -- allowing for quick, easy wire connections. This version eliminates the need for a circuit board and allows the XLamp MP-L LED to be mounted directly to the heat sink using a thermally conductive adhesive. The board termination version, suitable for PCB-mount applications, provides a solderless termination directly to the PCB from the XLamp MP-L LED. This version suits applications where drive circuitry and remote connectors are integrated onto the same board as the LED.

Socket design meets UL 1977 requirements and utilizes standard, commercially available hardware for attachment. Pre-production product will be available for engineering evaluation beginning in July 2010, with expected production quantities set for August 2010.

To learn more about Tyco Electronics’ new Solderless LED Socket, visit :

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