Now you can listen to a light fixture

Lighting supplier Osram Sylvania and high-end audio supplier Artison have come up with MusicLites, wireless LED light/speaker combination.

The MusicLites' design combines a 10-W LED light, a 70-mm full-range high fidelity loudspeaker and a wireless audio receiver in a module that is compatible with many audio sources. MusicLites fits into four-, five- or six-inch recessed cans, providing light output equivalent to a 65-W reflector bulb. The audio signal is transmitted via a proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver and works with various audio sources, such as USB, smartphone, and portable audio devices. Each MusicLites kit contains two 3.8 x 5.3-in modules, including a remote that controls light, including dimmers, and audio settings.

Osram says MusicLites is the first of many products planned that will use light and sound. MusicLites will be commercially available in the fall 2010.

More info here:

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