Now that's bright: LED module replaces 250-W HID lamp

Now that's bright: LED module replaces 250-W HID lamp

Luminus Devices Inc. recently worked with the T-Opto Div. of Toyota Tsusho of America to produce an LED module called NovoLux MD80, able to replace a traditional 250-W high-intensity discharge lamp.

The first installation of the new modules will be in a Toyota manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Ky. The modules are also being evaluated for use in other Toyota plants, Luminus Devices says.

The NovoLux module incorporates nine Big Chip Luminus LEDs. It delivers a range of lumen flux exceeding 15,000 lumens at 5700K, making it the brightest LED module on the market today. It supports a variety of optics and includes a quick connect module power plug, an aluminum housing with locking ring, and built-in die-cast aluminum heat sinks. It meets UL 1598, LM-79 and RoHS (pending).

T-Opto has developed a range of high bay and outdoor area lighting fixtures using the module that are designed to take advantage of the fact that the NovoLux is field replaceable, simplifying maintenance.

More info: Luminus Devices Inc.:

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.:

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