Next-gen LEDs hit 80 lumens/watt

Next-gen LEDs hit 80 lumens/watt

LED maker Cree Inc. is touting its new LMH2 as the only LED module delivering 80-lumens/W system efficacy combined with CRI greater than 90.

No question that designers are increasingly looking at color rendering index when specifying solid-state lighting. (As a quick review, blackbody radiation is defined as having a CRI of 100. Incandescent lamps have a CRI of 100 as they are, in effect, almost blackbody radiators. The best possible faithfulness to a reference is specified by a CRI of one hundred, while the very poorest is specified by a CRI of zero.)A CRI of 90 puts the new LEDs ahead of tri-phosphor cool-white fluorescents (CRI 89) and behind ceramic metal halide lights (CRI 96).

The module is designed as two pieces, the light engine and the power supply, for easier incorporation into luminaires and to provide some flexibility in thermal management. Cree says the new LED modules will work in several applications besides their typical uses in downlights and spots; wall sconces, pendant lights, ceiling fans and many other common fixtures in residential, retail, museums, hospitality and restaurant environments will all be viable.

The LMH2 is available at 850 and 1250 lumens and in color temperatures of 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K and 4000 K with more than 90 CRI. Designed for 50,000 hours of operation and dimmable to five percent, the LMH2 comes with a 5.5-year warranty. The LMH2 is also UL-recognized and complies with multiple international regulatory and safety standards. Fixture makers seeking Energy Star qualification will have access to specification and performance data, including LM-80 reports.

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