New kid on the block for energy efficient lighting: ESL

For energy efficient lighting, forget CFLs. And you can even forget LEDs. ESLs -- for electron stimulated luminescence -- is the real ticket.

So claims a Seattle company called Vu1 Corp. (Once known as Telegen Corp.) The company says ESL uses accelerated electrons to stimulate phosphors and thus generate light. It should not be confused with fluorescent lights, which send a current through mercury vapor to do the same thing.

The company is a bit cagey about explaining exactly how it accomplishes the accelerated electrons. It draws analogies to CRTs but stops short of saying anything about deflection coils or electron emitters.

It does say that its ESL bulbs will be priced comparable to dimmable CFL Reflector bulbs, once they become available next year. Vu1 also claims the bulbs will provide incandescent light quality (better than CFLs), full dimmability, instant on, and won't contain any trace mercury or other toxic materials.

With regard to energy efficiency, Vu1 says its bulb will generate the same light output as standard incandescent lighting but use about 65-70% less energy. It doesn't give comparisons to LEDs or CFLs. picked up the story, along with a video, which you can view here:

And here is Vu1's site:

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