LEDs come to Coke machines

Coca-Cola System Japan is in the process of cutting the energy needed to run its vending machines. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) will now substitute for fluorescent lighting that now illuminates the machines, a move that should reduce the machines' lighting energy dissipation by 70%.

The soft drink maker is also attaching green sheets containing a combination of a kind of moss known as "sunagoke" and artificial turf onto the top of its machines as a way to lower the top surface temperature and thus reduce energy consumption by cooling more efficiently. The green sheet is said to be able to adapt to weather conditions because the moss stops growing during dry periods in summer and snowy winters.

In addition, the machines incorporate a heat pump that operates with an HFC-free refrigerant to warm some beverages with the heat produced by cooling other beverages. Previously, the bottler has also tried deploying vending machines containing solar cells as a means to cut down on energy use.

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