LEDs for auditorium-style lighting

An LED high bay luminaire replaces conventional high bay lighting and consumes just 150 W.

Dialight Corp. has developed its first LED high bay luminaire, designed to replace conventional high bay lighting in interior and exterior industrial, commercial and hazardous location applications.
Operating on just 150 W, the powder-coated aluminum SafeSiteHigh Bay luminaire is designed to perform for 10+ years - three times as long as traditional HID fixtures, and nearly twice as long as fluorescents. The LEDHighBay fixture boasts an annual energy savings that equates to over two metric tons of C02 saved per fixture per year. In a 1,000-fixture retrofit, that’s equivalent to 347 cars off the road and over 19,000 mg of mercury saved annually.
Weighing in at less than fifteen pounds, half the weight of a conventional fixture, the SafeSiteHighBay’s low-profile housing is designed to pair seamlessly with a full range of mounting options offered by Dialight.
In a recent pilot installation with one of the largest commercial retailers in the U.S., Dialight matched the lighting levels of 1,000+ T5 High Output fluorescent fixtures in a refrigerated distribution warehouse with just under 800 LED High Bay luminaires - about 25% fewer fixtures. The project used a combination of narrow and wide optics and is on track to generate combined annual energy, re-lamp and maintenance savings of over $345,000 with an expected payback period of 14 months.

Dialight US – David Jennings, Tel +1 732 751 5880, [email protected]

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