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LED targets EnergyStar distributed illumination

LED maker Cree, Inc.has come out with a half-watt LED dubbed the XLamp ML-E LED targeting Energy Star-compliant distributed lighting.

The XLamp ML-E aims at applications where a smooth, uniform appearance is needed, such as LED fluorescent tube replacement, ceiling-mounted panel lights and under-cabinet lighting. Cree says unlike other low-power LEDs originally developed for consumer electronics and backlighting applications, the XLamp ML-E delivers the segment-leading color binning, efficacy, thermal resistance and the long-term reliability needed for Energy Star luminaires and bulbs.

The XLamp ML-E delivers a luminous flux of up to 58 lm at 150 mA in cool white (5000K) and up to 48 lm in warm white (3000K). Like the XLamp MX-6 and MX-3 LEDs, the ML-E provides a tightly controlled uniform angular chromaticity and a 120-degree viewing angle, optimized for distributed lighting applications. The XLamp ML-E also shares the same ANSI-complaint chromaticity binning used by the XLamp XP and MX families of LEDs.

XLamp ML-E LEDs are available in sample quantities immediately and in production quantities with standard lead times. To locate a distributor, visit

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