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LED Power Supplies Suit Indoor, Outdoor Signs

Stadium Power manufactures LED drivers for a wide range of indoor and outdoor use in LED based lighting and signage applications. Seven standard ranges are available, which feature advanced specifications including; full universal AC input range, active PFC (Class C), overvoltage and overcurrent protection, IP67 rating for indoor and outdoor applications, free air convection cooled, optional output voltage and current control and -25°C +70°C operating temperature range.  Custom designs are available to meet specific power requirements or environmental conditions.

Models include the encapsulated low cost, high efficiency, single output DC:DC MDL LED driver. Offering a wide input range, step up or step down operation, PWM and analogue dimming control and up to 24W output at 300-1000mA the MDL is intended to drive LED strings from 2V to 28V.

Two open-frame models, the 48W SA48CV and 60W SA60CC, feature active power factor correction (PFC) to EN61000-3-2 PFC Class C. The SA60CC provides constant current and dimming control available via PWM, 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc.

Enclosed models include the low cost, low standby power SA10CC which is a 10-18W led driver cased to Class ll requirements and features low conducted and radiated EMC. The HPF10 10W model may be programmable via external voltage, potentiometer or PWM.

For outdoor or use in harsh environments the HSF LED driver IP67 rated for indoor and outdoor applications, is available with output power from 60-300W and an optional low cost range rated from 10-28W is available. With an operating temperature range of -25°C to +70°C the HSF LED power supply is free air convection cooled and offers optional output voltage and current control.

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