LED downlight boasts twice the efficiency of a CFL

A high-output six-inch LED downlight called the LR6-DR1000 delivers an aesthetically-pleasing, 20-degree shield angle for lighting designs that require a degree of brightness control.

Using 12.5 W of input power to deliver 1,000 lumens, the LR6-DR1000 has a fixture efficacy of up to 84 lumens/watt. It consumes half the energy of a typical CFL downlight while delivering the same light output. It was developed by Cree which also now offers a deep-recess 650-lumen LED downlight, the LR6-DR650.

Cree says the new lamp lets it address higher ceiling applications, as well as the specific aesthetic and electrical needs of most commercial spaces.

The LR6 is now also available in a 277 volt version, the LR6-277V. Designed to operate on 277-V commercial power systems, it delivers 650 lumens with 10.5 watts of input power.

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