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 LED Bulb Produces 100 W

LED Bulb Produces 100 W

Cree is rounding out its LED bulb product suite today with a 100 W model that is reportedly the brightest available. At just $19.97, Cree has delivered the lowest priced 100-watt LED replacement bulb on the market. Ideal for nearly any open lighting fixtures in the home including floor lamps, reading lights, high ceilings and dark hallways, the Cree 100 W comes in a common A21 shape and delivers 1600 lumens while consuming just 18 watts and is available in soft white (2700K)  and a cool, daylight (5000K) color temperature. And true to Cree's quality promise, this bulb uses 82% less energy and designed to last 25 times longer with a leading 10-year limited warranty, while looking and lighting like a traditional light bulb.


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