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Incandescent phase-out? Who knew?

While 74% of Americans have switched to an energy-saving light bulb in past year, the vast majority still don’t know incandescent bulbs are being phased out starting in 2012. And a majority of people say they are likely to purchase a CFL, halogen or LED bulb in the future.

So says the recently completed Osram Sylvania 2009 Socket Survey which serves as a barometer of the changing landscape for energy efficient lighting. The survey was conducted last year via telephone among about 300 randomly selected households.

Among the findings: CFLs are a fixture in 71% of American homes. Halogens are already present in 40% of all homes. LEDs are beginning to gain followers, with 12% of households reporting use of the technology. And consumers are even more price sensitive than in previous studies, with more than half (52% ) considering price a key consideration in purchasing – a 12% spike from 2008.

You can find the full study here:

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