How efficient is your lighting? A new standard helps tell

LE 6-2009 Procedure for Determining Target Efficacy Ratings for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Luminaires just got an update. The document, which was produced by NEMA’s Luminaire Section, provides a procedure for the determination of the target efficacy rating (TER) for luminaires under laboratory test conditions and describes categories or types of products used in common indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

It does not apply to luminaires for specialized applications, such as products intended to be aimed, accent luminaires, rough or hazardous-use luminaires, or emergency lighting. It is designed as a guide because TER does not address application qualities such as color, uniformity, glare, or other important considerations.

The 2009 revision includes updates to the calculation of the energy effectiveness factor and clarifications to the luminaire types and classifications.

More infor comes from the NEMA site:

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