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High Power LED Series

High Power LED Series

The XI3030 High Voltage series from Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., is an addition to Everlight's popular XI3030 mid to high power LED package. By introducing the High Voltage version, a new concept of the existing XI3030 series with higher voltages at a lower price, Everlight aims at reducing manufacturers' total lamp or fixture costs. The XI3030 HV LED is a half to full watt LED that has a 30 V version available, with other voltages upon request.

High Voltage LEDs simplify driver designs by reducing the voltage difference between the ac input line voltage of the completed product and the dc input voltage to the LED components. This not only reduces the number and cost of driver components needed but improves driver efficiency.

The performance level of Everlight's high voltage XI3030 HV series meets all application requirements and achieves an efficiency of around 120 lm/W at 3000 K CCT, 80 Ra minimum and 115 lm brightness. It is available either with 7-step ANSI-bin or 3-step central bin. Reliability testing has undergone up to 3000 hours internally at Everlight and LM80 is under process. The XI3030 package is Pb-free, halogen-free and RoHS compliant.

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