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Image courtesy of Cree
<p>(Image courtesy of Cree).</p>

High Density LED Arrays

Cree recently announced the XLamp CXB1310 and CXB1520 High Density LED arrays that appeal to applications like track lights, lamps and downlights.  The new LEDs enable higher light output and smaller, more efficient LED lights. Compared to the original CXA LED arrays, the new CXA2 HD LEDs double the lumen output while reducing the power consumption by 40% percent.  To put this in perspective, one Cree XLamp CXB1520 generates the lumens of about seven 850 lumen (60W) LED bulbs, but the light emitting area is half the size of a dime.

This new technology allow for form factors and luminaire design not previously possible. Additionally, the smaller size enables tighter beam angles for reduced glare and more light where intended, creating better light experiences. 

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