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High-brightness LEDs come to light tubes

High-brightness LEDs come to light tubes

LED tubes are often used to light instrumentation or diagnostic equipment, the inside of a chassis or cabinet, to add highlighting, and much more. Now light tubes come with HB LEDs. Those from Elma are equipped with two high-efficiency dragon LEDs and a special aluminum body for thermo-management. The tubes are available in four standard lengths and in various colors (three shades of white, red, green and blue). There are two styles – one with connecting leads, the other a plug-and-light version with a main plug. Their HB Light Tube modules can be combined with rigid or flexible light guides in various lengths.
The light tubes can have single or double-ended configurations. Lengths of up to 2 m. Typical applications are in electronics, architecture, edge illumination, danger indication/alarm systems, indirect illumination, and as bright signal sources. The end-caps can be swapped with different colors offering more choices and various color blends.

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