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Ga On Silicon Technology Produces 120 Lumens Per Watt

Ga On Silicon Technology Produces 120 Lumens Per Watt

Plessey announced that its MAGIC™ GaN-on-Silicon technology has successfully achieved light output of 120 Lumens per watt with greater than 50% light output efficiency. Plessey's first engineering samples in the 5630 PLCC2 package are now shipping with other package variants available on demand. Blue die with a wavelength of 455nm are also available and being shipped to lead customers.

Dr. Keith Strickland, Plessey CTO, said, "Having developed and put into production the first of our MAGIC LEDs in 2013, the next step was to demonstrate that the GaN on silicon technology could deliver output performance levels comparable with other LED technologies. Whilst 120 Lumens per Watt for an LED may be considered "acceptable" to industry, we must remember that we have doubled our LED light output in the past six months. I see no reason why we cannot reach state of the art in LED die output performance within the next six months. This current process technology will become the base for our Application Specific LEDs, the ASLED that bridges the gap between the LED component suppliers and the solid state lighting fixture designers and OEMs." 

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