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Four-Channel Intelligent LED Controllers

Four-Channel Intelligent LED Controllers

The LED-Warrior04 from Saelig Inc. is a 4 channel, intelligent, programmable LED constant-current driver with on-board I2C DALI, DMX512 interfaces. Other bus protocols or wireless options can be added via the I2C interface. For each of the four channels, the forward current and brightness of the LEDs can be individually and independently programmed. Current can be programmed from 80 mA to 1000 mA in 5mA steps. Brightness is controlled by internal 12-bit PWMs for each channel, allowing 4096 steps, with dimming down to 1/4096 or 0.024%. The programmability of the LED forward current means that just one type of driver board can be used with a wide range of LEDs. The high resolution of brightness control allows precise color mixing or calibration of multiple LED groups. The four 12-bit channels allow up to 281 trillion color hues.

I2C, DMX512 and DALI interfaces are available for controlling the four channels. The I2C interface also allows Light scenario programming for standalone operation for running independent effects like fading or color change. This interface can also be used for service - to recalibrate already installed units, for instance. The LED-Warrior04 allows more design options by offering a rich feature set and in-system programmability. A whole range of LED drivers can be replaced by this single device, and the lamp-specific features can be easily set by software. The LED-Warrior04 operates with DC input from 7 V to 32 V and drives up to 4 x 25 W to the connected LEDs at up to 94% efficiency.


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