Electronic ballasts get an efficiency standard

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published BL 2-2009 Energy Efficiency for Electronic Ballasts for T8 Fluorescent Lamps. The standard was developed by NEMA’s Ballast Section and revises the 2007 version.

BL 2 contains energy-efficiency requirements for evaluating electronic ballasts designed for use with 4-ft, 32-W T8 fluorescent lamps with an output greater than or equal to 3100 lumens. It covers definitions, requirements, and markings. Ballasts that meet these requirements are labeled NEMA Premium.

“In NEMA BL 2-2009, NEMA’s Ballast Section has expanded the NEMA Premium program for T8 fluorescent ballasts to include additional ballast types, and has refined the performance requirements for products already in the program,” said Ballast Section Vice Chair John Green. “This standard is further evidence of the industry’s commitment to energy-efficient lighting.”

The contents and scope of BL 2 may be viewed, or a hardcopy or electronic copy purchased for $30, by visiting,
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