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Image courtesy of LUX Technology Group Inc
<p>(Image courtesy of LUX Technology Group Inc.).</p>

Dimmable, UL Certified, LED Filament Edison Bulbs

LUX Technology Group, Inc. introduces the first line of dimmable filament LED Edison light bulbs-the perfect energy efficient replacements for 25W, 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs. With its beautiful all-glass design, it looks stunning and emits the same warm light as an incandescent bulb with the long life and high efficiency benefits of LED lighting. The filament LEDs offer 90 percent energy savings and excellent efficacy of over 135 lumens per watt, eliminating the need to sacrifice design for efficiency in restaurant, hospitality and residential spaces.

LUX is the first to market with the only dimmable, UL Certified LED filament engineered with proprietary protection coating, without a cloudy look. With no plastic ring, the bulb looks just like a vintage 25W, 40W or 60W Edison bulb, but it only uses one tenth of the power. This will open up new design possibilities with LED lighting.

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