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Power Electronics

Torex Semiconductor to Open R&D Center in Silicon Valley

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) will open an R&D Center in April 2016 at TOREX USA Corp. in Sunnyvale, CA for the purpose of strengthening research and development of high value-added analog power ICs that will be the mainstay of the next generation of portable equipment.

Locating the R&D center in Sunnyvale, CA will help Torex learn the latest trends in new technology, and put this information to use in product development. High value-added analog power ICs will be the mainstay of the next IC generation, which will help Torex expand business in North America.

TOREX USA Corp. is already pursuing marketing initiatives for advance development. Along with the development of innovative new high value-added analog power ICs, TOREX USA will strengthen partnerships with manufacturers centered in Silicon Valley that are spearheading the development of the latest technology.

The Torex Group will station engineers from Japan at the new R&D center in turns, with the goal of moving toward higher technology levels, exchanging information on a worldwide basis, and raising the overall engineering standards of the Torex Group.

When the new center opens, Torex headquarters plans to initially staff the center with expert engineers from Japan, and then add members through local recruitment.

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