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Stackpole Adds Product Verification Feature

Counterfeit components are an increasing problem in the electronic components industry, and according to some estimates cost the industry up to US$100 billion per year.

Stackpole is committed to assisting customers in confirming that the products they purchase are genuine Stackpole product purchased through authorized channels. As part of this effort, Stackpole has recently added a lot verification feature to its website.

The Stackpole lot code found on all product labels is unique to a specific Stackpole part number. Most counterfeit components have lot codes that follow a similar format to a valid Stackpole lot code, but are not valid lot codes for the specific Stackpole part number. For a given lot code, the web tool will return the full Stackpole part number, date code, and country of origin.

Currently, this feature is only available for products shipped from our North American location. Having a valid lot code/part number combination does not guarantee that product is genuine Stackpole product, but most counterfeit parts can be detected with this tool. As most counterfeit components are purchased through non-authorized channels. If you suspect that the product you have is not genuine Stackpole product, please email us at [email protected].

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