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PSMA to Sponsor Key Issues in Vehicle Power Electronics at APEC 2014

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Transportation Power Electronics Committee is sponsoring an Industry Session at APEC 2014 titled "Key Issues in Vehicle Power Electronics." The session will take place on Wednesday afternoon, March 19, 2014, at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas.

Featured are seven invited experts from industry and from government research laboratories who will provide attendees with insights into issues related to transportation power electronics necessary to meet the cost and performance needs of electric drive vehicles. The increasing transportation power electronics content not only on automobiles, but also on aircraft and industrial vehicles represent a large growing market for our industry. Presenters from Oak Ridge National Labs, Argonne National Labs, University of Maryland, Aavid Thermalloy, Positronics, Amphenol and AC Propulsion will focus on new and evolving technologies that are critical for power electronics in electric drive vehicles.

Electric drive vehicles result in demanding requirements for designers of power electronics and for the component technologies that enable them. The component technologies essential to success in the electric drive vehicle market are also key to other demanding markets dealing with harsh environments and increasing power electronics content, including aerospace and military applications. This Industry Session provides an opportunity for attendees to interact with other professionals who are active in this area and to learn about innovative technologies key to successfully penetrating this market. PSMA Transportation Power Electronics Committee co-chairs Ralph Taylor, Delphi, and Yunqi Zheng, GM Advanced Technology Center, are also the co-chairs for this session. We encourage people to register for APEC 2014 and make plans to attend this Industry Session and to consider participating in the other PSMA sponsored meetings during the week.


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