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New Generation of Solid State Electronics Is Giving Rise to a New Generation of PCBs

In its just-released report "Metal In the Board- Opportunities for Printed Circuit Boards Providing Enhanced Thermal and Power Management" - BPA Consulting provides a unique window on this rapidly developing opportunity for new classes of substrates which BPA have defined as "MiB". Circuit boards which support power densities of over 20W/cm2 and currents as high as 1000 Amperes while at the same time providing printed circuit capabilities from simple, single layer circuits to complex HDI multilayers using low loss dielectrics.

The report authors have built on years of manufacturing experience to create a "bottom-up" analysis from applications teardowns and operating requirements, identifying and profiling a number of board level solutions for the management of heat and power.

The Report then moves up through the value chain, looking at the primary applications, identifying the MiB solution best aligned with each, and quantifying the relative market opportunities.

Board shipments incorporating MiB are expected to grow from $1.6 billion in 2012 to close to $4 billion in 2020 enjoying an average growth rate of approx. 12% per year with some types exceeding 60% pa. At the same time the Report identifies hidden traps and opportunities generated by the confluence of technological and market trends.

The Report provides several analytical frameworks, including global and applications-specific forecasts by Type, Application, and Region out to 2020, as well as business analysis including roadmaps, opportunities, and threats. This report is a must-have for business planning throughout the board level value chain, providing an invaluable aid for capacity/capability roadmapping and planning.

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