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Jeff Nilles Does APEC

Welcome to the first installment of my APEC blog where I’ll be posting my insights and observations about the best papers and technology at APEC 2013.  Below are a few things that interest me as the day begins.

I notice that multiple sessions touch on GaN and SiC technology.  Most technical sessions have something on ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) or Resonant Control. However, I don’t see these technologies moving forward without improvement in 5 MHz to 20 MHz magnetics so I expect a lot of floor talk on that subject.

Today’s Plenary speeches have two particularly great speakers in the line-up. I’m interested to hear Dr. Umesh Mishra talk about GaN technology. And Cian Ó Mathúna, should have plenty to say about magnetic-on- a-chip.

To read this blog with further “Jeff does APEC” musings, visit TI’s Power House blog:

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