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Power Electronics

Book on Power Integrity: For the Power Electronics Engineer

Steve Sandler has written several power supply design articles for Power Electronics Technology magazine and also Now, he decided to write a book that covers all the major subjects related to power supply design. It's entitled Power Integrity: Measuring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Power Related Parameters in Electronics Systems (McGraw-Hill Education Books, 2014).

Sandler says he wrote this book because it became increasingly clear to him that much of the data we need to do our jobs as electronics engineers is lacking. Either the data we need is missing entirely or when we do have data-that we have created or received from others-it is frequently lacking in completeness, fidelity, and/or accuracy. His goals for this book are:

  • To show component and device manufacturers the breadth and fidelity of the data end-users really do need to do their jobs, as well as to help them improve their datasheets accordingly.
  • To provide design and test engineers with methods that enables them to generate high-fidelity measurements with less effort by using the appropriate techniques and equipment.
  • That test instrument manufacturers will gain insight into the issues engineers are facing, as well as how they can improve their equipment capabilities, operating systems, software, and documentation.

Sandler's most important hope is that this book also illustrates the impact that power supply performance has on the systems they power. Sandler says this book is written for engineers and technicians of all levels of experience, including those working in field support, design, and test engineering disciplines. It is also appropriate for engineering managers, as well as those who are responsible for the leasing or purchasing of test equipment.

This book is written in two sections. The first section is dedicated to the available types of test equipment, measurement fundamentals, and interfacing or connecting the test equipment to the device under test (DUT). The second section of the book addresses the specifics of making particular measurements. Each chapter discusses one or more specific measurement methods. Each measurement method includes a brief discussion of the measurement including why it is important. Additionally, each measurement method includes setup pictures.

Price of the 352-page hardback is $99.00; Kindle version is $56.49 from Amazon. Its IBN is 978-0-07-183099-7.

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