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API Technologies to Showcase Variety of High Reliability Power Electronics at APEC 2013

API Technologies Corp. a provider of microelectronics, and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, announced that it will showcase its diverse range of products suitable for higher power applications during the 2013 Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference & Expo (APEC). The key product/solution areas that API will focus on at APEC include:

  • EMI Signal/Power/Interconnect Solutions API has a large offering of MIL-STD QPL 15733 signal line filters, as well as an extensive interconnect portfolio ranging from filtered D-subs to high performing filtered and non-filtered custom military circular connectors.
  • Film Capacitors & DC Links All power film capacitors can be customized for applications such as renewable energy inverters, electric vehicle power conversion, aircraft power conversion systems, high voltage power supplies, and medical imaging equipment.
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors Spectrum Control line of switch mode power supply capacitors, designed to provide superior performance in high frequency switching applications
  • Magnetics API will feature a broad range of magnetic devices, including current transformers, toroidal and laminate power transformers, switch mode power supply inductors, lighting chokes and inductors, modem transformers, and air coils.
  • InRush Current Limiting NTC Thermistors API Technologies will be demonstrating their latest development in NTC thermistors, designed to limit the inrush current that occurs when power is applied to a system and thereby reduce circuit failures
  • Power Distribution Products Highlighted products include: AC and DC power distribution products for high reliability applications and extreme harsh environments, as well as the Company's intelligent and remotely monitored power distribution units.


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