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Power Electronics

APEC Rap Session: Smart Grid Infrastructures

Rap Session 1: Smart Grid Infrastructures at APEC 2014 will be Tuesday, March 18, from 5 pm. to 6:30 p.m. in Ballroom A: Once upon a time power grid infrastructures only concerned large-scale industrial operations, civil engineers, and municipalities. Today we are faced with the convergent pressures of the near-simultaneous advent of the Internet if Things and the Smart Grid. This means that everyone at every level of today’s users, distributors, and generators of power must be aware of the technologies, infrastructures, regulations, and protocols involved.

These systems range from consumer handheld products and remote service subsystems involved in the “Internet of Things” to the smart-home and micro grid-oriented bridge technologies, to the municipal grid itself. The real challenge, however, lies in how we integrate not only the systems, but the management protocols, regulatory issues, service priority concerns, and privacy & security. In a world of negotiated power, who decides what facilities and organizations take priority in a brownout situation? How are the various layers of management, from various sectors of the industry, negotiate and determine priority in a system? How do we address security in a system of interleaved and overlapping devices and systems? There are many aspects of the smart grid beyond simply being “smart” that we must determine and create plans and strategies for in order to properly achieve the lofty goals we have set for the industry.

Alix Paultre, Power Systems Design


  • Bill Radvak, CEO, American Vanadium
  • Edward Herbert, Co-chairman, PSMA Energy Efficiency Committee
  • Kris Ardis, Executive Director, Maxim Integrated
  • Brian Patterson, Chairman, Emerge Alliance
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