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600 V GaN HEMT Comes In PQFN

600 V GaN HEMT Comes In PQFN

Transphorm Inc. has unveiled reportedly the first 600 V GaN (Gallium Nitride)-based, low-profile PQFN products and expanded its product portfolio in the industry-standard TO220 packages. Transphorm’s 600V GaN HEMTs (high electron mobility transistors) utilize the company’s patented, high-performance EZ-GaNTM technology that combines low switching and conduction losses, reducing the overall system energy dissipation up to 50% compared with using conventional silicon-based power conversion designs.

The new PQFN products, TPH3002LD and TPH3002LS, are offered in widely-used, low-profile PQFN88 packages and feature 290 mΩ RDS(on), 29 nC Qrr and low inductance for superior high-frequency switching capability. The PQFN88-packaged “LD” devices also feature a kelvin connection to better isolate the gate circuit from the high-current output circuit to further reduce EMI.

In addition, the TPH3002PD and TPH3002PS TO220-packaged 600 V GaN HEMTs have been released for use in smaller, lower power applications such as adapters and all-in-one computer power supplies. These devices also feature 290 mΩ RDS(on), 29 nC Qrr and high- frequency switching capability.

Besides the PQFN devices, evaluation boards are available in configurations for LLC DC-DC converter, totem-pole PFC and all-in-one power supply.

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