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Wire-To-Board IDC Connectors for Harsh Commercial, Industrial, Energy Applications

Wire-To-Board IDC Connectors for Harsh Commercial, Industrial, Energy Applications

AVX Corporation has introduced the latest iteration of its wire-to-board (WTB) insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology.  Designed to provide a gas-tight, plated through-hole WTB termination, the new 9177-600 Series is compatible with the rugged power boards used to handle larger wire gauges and more amps per contact, and is available as both a low-cost single contact and a fully integrated capped contact solution.  Featuring opposing dual phosphor-bronze tines, the series also exhibits excellent spring characteristics, ensuring stable, high-reliability termination capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration in a range of harsh environment applications, including: solar and alternative energy products, commercial electrical equipment, and industrial pumps, motors, and driver boards.

Capable of accepting 12-18AWG stranded or solid wires, the simple, robust, plated through-hole (PTH) design of AVX's versatile 9177-600 IDC contacts provide a high-performance alternative to hand-soldering large gauge wires to a PCB in harsh environment applications.  Rated for up to 15A per contact and 600VAC, the new 9177 IDC connector solutions also allow wires to be replaced up to three times, providing enhanced durability for high current applications.  Designed for use in temperatures spanning -40°C to +125°C, the RoHS-compliant series also features high-temperature nylon insulator materials, phosphor-bronze contacts, and tin over nickel plating.

The preassembled, one-way, 00-9177 IDC connector is available with black or white insulators and through-wire or wire-stop caps.  Packaged on tape and reel in quantities of 800, 00-9177 connectors with through-wire caps can be assembled at any position along the wire; alternatively, wire-stop caps are designed for use at the wire's end.  The series' individual contacts (70-9177) feature all the same mechanical and electrical performance values as the preassembled 00-9177 connectors and are available with optional caps (60-9177), which also come in both black and white and through-wire and wire-stop assembly options.  Single contacts and caps are packaged in bags of 800 pieces.

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