Power Electronics

Watertight Miniature Switches

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH( Basic Switch line has been expanded with the addition of the V15W Series of Watertight Miniature Switches. With an IP67 waterproof seal rating and as the only V-switch in the industry rated up to 10 amps, Honeywell's new V15W can be used in a wide range of high-current consumer and industrial applications where spillage or water could be a factor.

Potential applications include off-road vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, lawn mowers, and snowmobiles; construction and agricultural machinery; industrial equipment such as factory floor wash-down machinery; and medical equipment such as hospital beds, dental chairs and foot pedals.

Honeywell's watertight V15W basic switches are fully configurable and include a wide variety of actuators, terminals, and electrical and operating characteristics. They offer repeatable, reliable and consistent performance within a broad range of conditions, meeting UL and other agency requirements. Able to operate in a variety of difficult environments, the watertight switches are available in three options for protection: sealed plunger, dust-tight (with epoxy seal on terminals) and pre-leaded.

The MICRO SWITCH V15W Series of miniature switches feature Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) circuitry. Used for simple or precision ON/OFF application needs, the V15W Series combines small size and light weight with ample electrical capacity, low cost and long life.

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