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Two-Wire, Hall-Effect Latch Increases Protection Against High Voltage Transients

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a new, two-wire, Hall-effect latch that is programmed at the factory to optimize the magnetic switch point accuracy. The A1244 Hall-effect latch uses the same patented high frequency, 4-phase, chopper-stabilization technique that is used on complementary devices in this family (unipolar switches). Allegro’s advanced BiCMOS wafer fabrication process is used to achieve magnetic stability over temperature and to eliminate offset inherent in single-element devices, when exposed to harsh-application environments.

The A1244 will be offered in two package styles. The “LH” is a SOT-23W style, miniature low profile package for surface-mount applications. The “UA” is a TO-92 style, three-lead ultra-mini single inline package (SIP) for through-hole mounting.

Additionally, the A1244 will have two ICC(low) options, similar to that of its predecessor; -I1: 5.0 to 6.9 mA, and -I2: 2.0 to 5.0 mA. The pricing stated below is in quantities of 1,000:

a. A1244LLHLX-I2-T $0.58

b. A1244LLHLX-I1-T $0.58

c. A1244LLHLT-I1-T $0.60

d. A1244LLHLT-I2-T $0.60

e. A1244LUA-I1-T $0.61

f. A1244LUA-I2-T $0.61

Allegro Microsystems

Part Number: A1244


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