Power Electronics

Toggle Safety Cover Protects Against Accidental Actuation

CW Industries has developed a new Toggle Safety Cover featuring a rugged spring-loaded design that provides protection against accidental actuation.

The CW GT-4X Toggle Safety Covers are available in white, black and red and designed to mate with CW Industries GTS Series toggle switches. The mounting base faceplate is glossy black steel and the safety cover is an ABS blended plastic resin. The mounting hole is 0.481" and accepts all standard toggles with 15/32" mounting stems.

Used in a wide range of commercial applications including cockpits, power plants, command centers, agricultural equipment, racing and general industrial automation, the CW Safety Cover prevents any inadvertent or accidental lever actuation. When the cover is raised, the toggle can be operated freely. When the cover is fully depressed, the toggle is locked in a stable position. The Toggle cover is attached to the switch by means of a threaded nut.

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