Power Electronics

Thru-Hole AC Line Filter

Renco Electronics has announced the release of its latest Thru-Hole AC Line Filter, the RL-9750 Series. Characterized by a new, innovative design with 2,500 Hi-pot, the RL-9750 Series aims to raise durability and performance standards in order to meet customer demands.

Tailored for medium wattage AC-DC power supplies, the series is designed for line to neutral safety clearance. In addition, the RL-9750 features dielectric withstanding voltage rated at 2500 VAC line-to-line. Other particulars include an operating temperature range of -40°C to +130°C, a high impedance readings at applicable frequency.

RL-9750 Series is ideal for use in fly back converters, AC-DC converters, push-pull converters and bridge and circuits. Economically priced at $0.90 per unit, the RL-9750 comes packaged in trays (quantities vary) and delivers optimal filtering performance in its compact, 30 mm profile.

Renco Electronics
Part Number: RL-9750

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