Power Electronics

SurgeX Reinvents Smart Energy and Power Management

SurgeX introduces Axess, a series of products that usher in a new era of power management functionality for integrators. This new line of connected power products sets the standard in power management and energy intelligent products, offering a smart, robust solution for any install.

Axess is an IP addressable, surge eliminating and power conditioning management system that allows integrators to monitor and control power distribution platforms via the Internet, 24/7. This powerful system can customize, synthesize, and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-enabled devices via remote access. Custom sequences can be created across the entire network with e-mail notifications sent about various power phenomena, based on user-defined conditions.

Beyond power monitoring, Axess Elite adds an unprecedented level of device energy management, by offering two-way communication that monitors and manages system energy usage. Axess Elite collects temperature, voltage measurements and current draw measurementsand reports back via a user-friendly energy and power usage display.

In addition, Axess Elite gives integrators the ability to control power on an outlet level; including turning outlets on and off and controlling expansion units from the master unit. Power and energy usage is displayed per outlet providing a detailed report of the system's energy consumption by each connected device. The Axess Elite also compiles an internal history log file for advanced monitoring of the system and user access.

Part Number: Axess

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