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Surge Suppression Units for Emergency Management Centers


Zero Surge Inc. introduces unique surge suppression units specially engineered for emergency management centers or for any rack-mounted application requiring superior surge protection, safety, and reliability.  These power quality solutions (Model 8R-1U-20W-I) integrate eight "always on" receptacles to deliver 24/7 failure-free service and continuously shield equipment and sensitive electronics from potentially damaging surges.  They have been certified for worst-case surge endurance.

Their design offers additional operational benefits by eliminating conventional "on/off" switches to safeguard against the possibility of accidental or inadvertent power disconnect. Patented WVR® (Wide Voltage Range) filter technology effectively senses and suppresses surges over a wide voltage range (85V to 175V) and will remove any EMI/RFI fluctuations from power lines that otherwise could disrupt signals and degrade equipment over time.

The units integrate four 15A NEMA5 receptacles and four 20A NEMA5 receptacles and incorporate a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overloading.  They are 1U rack mountable to promote easy rack installation and covered by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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