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Sub-Miniature Switch

Sub-Miniature Switch

Crouzet Switches' sub-miniature, double break switch is fitting in low voltage applications for auxiliary signaling contacts such as in contactors, miniature circuit breakers, disconnectors, timers, fuse holders, and lightning arrestor units.

Key Features:

·      Max rating 5 A at 250 Vac

·      Double break changeover switch (SPDT -form Za)

·      Momentary or maintained function

·      Rear, side or front outputs

·      Wide choice of actuators for symmetrical mounting

·      Compact size

·      Maintained function/Bi-stable version

·      Controlled by push/pull action on levers of various lengths

·      Max operating temperature: up to 150 °C

Applications include valves and actuators, detection/switching units for positioning,  pumps for level detection (with Bi-stable version), electrical equipment, and  low voltage applications for auxiliary signaling contacts.

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