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Street Lighting Connectors

Thomas & Betts offers a comprehensive line of Homac® Flood-Seal® Street Lighting Connectors that provide safe, reliable and convenient street and highway lighting connections for breakaway and non-breakaway applications.

Homac® Flood-Seal® Street Lighting Connectors are available in breakaway and non-breakaway applications. Breakaway kits, used for lighting highways, offer a selection of in-line and Y-type connectors for both fused and non-fused connections. Fuses, or fuse links for neutrals, remain in the load side of the rubber housing to ensure that no energized system components are exposed. All breakaway selections are available as mechanical or compression connections.

Non-breakaway kits, used for parking lots and residential streets that typically do not require breakaway capability, are available in three types of connection: bare, with a drop-on cover insulated after completing the connection; encapsulated, with integral cover and protection from contact during installation; and watertight, which prevents contact with connection at all times, while keeping water out after installation. All non-breakaway street lighting kits are dual rated to accept both aluminum and copper conductors, and range taking to accommodate multiple wire services and reduce inventory. All are prefilled with oxide and require no taping.

Thomas & Betts
Part Number: Homac

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