Power Electronics

Sta-Kon® Plastic Strip-Fed Terminals Enable Stable, High-Volume Production

Thomas & Betts has manufactured as a continuously molded strip, Sta-Kon® Plastic Strip-Fed Terminals. They will not jam equipment and tooling, and have a more consistent surface than plastic strips that are welded together.

The Sta-Kon design features improve performance and functionality. The funnel-entry design of Sta-Kon Terminals enables faster and easier wire insertion. Internal barrel serrations increase conductivity and pullout strength. The sleeved barrels prevent separation that can diminish both pullout strength and dielectric performance.

The Sta-Kon Plastic Strip-Fed Terminals' nylon insulation is UL94V2 flame rated and withstands operating temperatures of 221 degrees Fahrenheit (105 degrees Celsius). The insulation is resistant to chemical exposure, impact and abrasion. Sta-Kon Plastic Strip-Fed Terminals have a maximum rating of 600 volts and are UL listed.

Thomas & Betts
Part Number: Sta_Kon

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