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Space Saver Connector

ITT Corporation has developed a rugged, lightweight, "no-profile" interconnect system designed specifically for wearable and portable military equipment used in modern warfare. The first interconnect system of its kind, the Nemesis Series Space Saver connector is a compact, lightweight solution that not only saves weight, but also helps effectively shrink the overall size of portable equipment.

The advanced Nemesis Series Space Saver connector system utilizes canted spring technology to provide blind mating and quick snap-on/rip-away coupling to prevent military personnel from being endangered should a cable snag. Other design considerations include the use of ribbed over-molding for secure grip under difficult conditions.

Extremely rugged and with a high degree of sealing, the Nemesis Series Space Saver connector is designed to withstand harsh conditions in the field and features an antireflective ROHS-compliant salt-spray resistant plating that is guaranteed for 500 hours.

The Nemesis Series Space Saver has superior EMI performance to ensure the integrity of high frequency signals, as well as pogo pin contact technology for enhanced contact durability. Its canted spring technology provides full 360-degree EMI protection.

These connectors utilize ITT's proven Pogo Pin/Pad and breakaway technologies, which are designed to increase the maximum number of mating cycles, while enabling the connectors to be cleaned in the field.

Maximum current rating for the Nemesis Series Space Saver connector is 2 A, and the voltage rating is 50 Vdc. with a minimum insulation resistance of 5000M?. The Nemesis Series Space Saver connector features an operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°C with a life span of more than 2500 cycles.

Applications include portable computers, weapons, vision systems, headsets, radios, GPS equipment and headsets.

ITT Interconnect Solutions

Part Number: Nemesis


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